Thursday, January 20, 2022

Tried It - Mountain Dew Zero Sugar - Major Melon

Major Melon - Mountain Dew Zero Sugar - Watermelon flavor

My family always has fun trying new Mountain Dew flavors when they pop up.  When I was diagnosed with diabetes in September 2021, I thought my days of these fun flavors were over.  Not so!  I've been surprised and pleased to see how many of the Zero Sugar options there are!  (Even with 'zero sugar,' I'm still careful because artificial sweeteners are their own kind of beast.)

So this particular Dew is called Major Melon and is watermelon flavored.  I read online that this is a permanent flavor now in the Dew lineup.  And what did I think of it?  It was okay.  There is definitely a watermelon taste to it, so that's good.  Sometimes these things claim to have a certain flavor and you have to really stretch your brain to find it.

Being watermelon, my mind automatically goes to summertime.  This would be a fun treat during the hot, summer months but I don't think it's something I'd drink regularly.  And having watermelon flavor in late January when it's sub-zero temps outside was a little strange to my taste buds.  LOL

Have you tried the Major Melon flavor?
Have you tried the Zero Sugar options?

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Ate It - Lily's - Peppermint White Chocolate Style Bar

Lily's, white chocolate, peppermint, diabetes friendly
 Lily's - Peppermint White Chocolate Style Bar

I received many Lily's chocolate bars for Christmas and I'm so happy about that because giving up chocolate now that I've been diagnosed diabetic has been depressing.  I had mixed luck on the first couple flavors I tried.  So I was very surprised and pleased to find that this Peppermint one is amazing!!!

I'm not usually a fan of white chocolate so I thought, 'Okay, whatever, hopefully the peppermint note is nice.'  Oh my gosh, the peppermint is strong and the white chocolate adds a creaminess that, combined, make this bar so darn delicious.  You'd never know you were eating a diabetes friendly chocolate bar.

I think I have one more of this flavor in my little stash from Christmas.  I'll have to ration and savor it since I don't know if this only comes out seasonally.  I know I have not seen this one at Walmart.  I'll have to check online, on the actual Lily's site.  Regardless, I'm so happy to know that when Christmas rolls around again I will have a peppermint treat that I don't need to feel afraid of.

Are you a white chocolate fan?
Have you tried Lily's products?

Melted - Feelin' Cozy (Scentsationals)

wax melts, scented wax, wax tarts, Scentsationals, Walmart, Feelin Cozy,
Feelin' Cozy - 'Deep tonalities of wild blackcurrant and cracked pink peppercorn embracing the luminosity of pure jasmine and dewy rose enhanced with soft cashmere warmth, blonde woods, and vanilla bourbon.'
Well I don't know what's up with that bizarre scent description from online, but the more simple version right on the package says 'Warm woods & crisp apple.'  Heck, the description above doesn't even mention apple?!  I'll go with the short and sweet description for this.

At first, I got this thinking I'd like it for fall because it's an apple scent.  But really, the apple notes are not strong enough or fall-like enough for this seasonal melter to put it into that category, and then it kept getting passed by as I reached for other scents through the holiday season.  I've finally used it a couple times now, and I quite like it.

To me this is like sandalwood, some pretty musk, and light apple notes.  It's slightly sophisticated, and a pretty scent without being feminine.  It's not really a warm and cozy scent, as the name or photo on the packaging would imply.  This would be good for any time of year.  I will definitely purchase this again.

I melted two cubes (about 0.8oz. worth) in my tea light warmer and had strong scent and throw.

Have you tried this scent?
What did you think?

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Melted - Vanilla Cookie Crunch (Better Homes & Gardens)

Vanilla Cookie Crunch - 'Scrumptious notes of smooth vanilla blended with sugar cookie and a dash of rich cane sugar.'
This has been a winter favorite of mine for a couple years at least.  My post-c*vid nose gives it an annoying salty note on cold sniff that I know is not really there, but when melted I don't get that.  Gotta love dear ol' c*vid, huh?
Anyway, this is really nice, sort of 'safe' bakery scent.  Lots of warm and yummy sugar or shortbread type cookie notes.  It's not an overly sweetened scent with lots of frosting or candy notes, which is why I say it's 'safe.'  This is good when you just want some cozy and gentle to make your area smell yummy.  I like this for winter, those days after the holiday rush is over, because the cookies still remind me of the holidays but there is no peppermint or other holiday notes that would put this strictly in the holiday category.  (And how many times can I say holiday in one sentence?  lol)
I melted two cubes (about 0.8oz worth) in my tea light warmer and had a strong-medium scent and throw.
I will probably continue to buy this for winter as long as they continue to have it available.
Have you tried the Better Homes & Gardens Vanilla Cookie Crunch scent?
What did you think?

Friday, January 14, 2022

Ate It - Lily's - Gingerbread Milk Chocolate Style Bar

Lily's - Gingerbread - Milk Chocolate Style Bar
Another of the many flavors of Lily's chocolate bars I received for Christmas.  As a recently diagnosed diabetic, I was glad to have stumbled across this brand because giving of chocolate has been heartbreaking to me.  As I said in a previous Lily's post, I just can't do the super dark chocolates that people say are the best option for diabetics craving 'something sweet.'  No, sorry, that is nothing sweet in those super dark chocolates!  Ugh.
With this Gingerbread bar, it is only 40% cocoa, a more milk chocolate style.  I did enjoy this one but was sad that it didn't really have anything gingerbread-y about the flavor.  To me it was pretty much just a semi-sweet dark chocolate.   Maybe there is a learning curve with these types of chocolates, like my taste buds need to adjust and learn to pick out the more subtle flavors.  I do have a couple more bars of this flavor since I received quite a variety for Christmas, so it will be interesting to come back to it after trying some other flavors, and see if maybe it comes across a bit different.  I mean, after trying that super dark Mocha Hot Cocoa one that I previously posted about, which tasted like bitter cardboard, this one was much more flavorful.

So I'm having fun trying these new (to me) flavors, and I'm glad to have some chocolate options in my new diabetic life.

Have you tried Lily's products, or this Gingerbread flavor in particular?

Melted - Butterscotch & Maple Cream (Better Homes & Gardens)

Butterscotch & Maple Cream - 'Butterscotch, maple, cream, caramel, toffee, butter, rum, and vanilla scent notes.'
This is another scent that was too sweet and strong for me years ago.  Since c*vid seems to have tweaked my sense of smell though, I find I quite enjoy this one now.
Very sweet, like I said, it's very much a butterscotch scent.  It's a little more sophisticated than the candy scent we're all familiar with, not as creamy and warm.  There is a slight edge to this, probably from the rum.  There are slight touches of warmth from the vanilla but is not a warm scent in general.  This is another sweet, rich, dessert type scent.
I melted two cubes (about 0.8oz worth) in my tea light warmer and had medium-strong scent and throw.
I will absolutely keep buying this since I know it works well with my post-c*vid nose.  lol
Have you tried the Better Homes & Gardens Butterscotch & Maple Cream scent?
What did you think of it?

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Ate It - Lily's Mocha Hot Cocoa Chocolate Bar

 Lily's - Mocha Hot Cocoa (Extra Dark Chocolate)

Now that I am diabetic, I've had to make many changes to my diet.  One of the hardest things to give up has been chocolate.  I loved sweet, creamy, delicious chocolate in all forms oh soooo much!  All the tips for eating diabetes-friendly say that you don't have to give up chocolate (or anything) completely, just choose dark chocolate . . . the darker the better.  I'm okay with dark chocolate as in semi-sweet chocolate chips or Hershey's Special Dark bars, but those really high percentage dark chocolates?  Yuck!  No, thank you, I'd rather just mourn the lose of my beloved chocolate.

So anyway, I had stumbled across the Lily's brand early in December.  I studied the nutrition label and was amazed.  I bought one bar.  I did some research about Lily's online.  I was excited that this stuff looks to be okay for diabetics!  That first bar I bought actually tasted pretty good, and I bought a different flavor the next time I went shopping.  That one was also pretty good, so I went ahead and asked for Lily's chocolate bars for Christmas.  My sister spoiled me with something like ten bars.  Woohoo!

Sadly, this particular flavor (the Mocha Hot Cocoa) is not one I'm fond of.  It's 'extra dark chocolate' at 70% cocoa, and that's too much for me.  Blech!  I don't get any mocha or hot cocoa taste although I do get a sharp taste that I've read others saying is from the mocha.  It's just like super strong dark chocolate to me, very little sweetness of any kind, and just too harsh.

I will finish this bar because they are rather spendy and my sister did go through the trouble of getting it for me, but it will be slowly.  lol  Luckily I have many other flavors to try.

Are you a dark chocolate fan?
How dark/strong do you go?